Sunday, 12 October 2008



Danny Ebbs
Pane in the Glass
(also House + office cleaning, PVC, Patio, Decking, and Gutter cleaning)

020 7091 7427
07784 829645 or 07593 158167
"Very good"

Mark Stapes
07738 546266
"good, quick and very reasonable at £50 inside and out for the whole four storey house.", "He did all my windows, inside and out (5 stories) for £50 and I had no complaints."

"Ecuadorean - very willing - totally honest. Try him."

Gustavo Sares
020 8671 7420
07888 681318
"very good & friendly"

Ron Walsh
Dirty Windows
0208 958 7808
"a wonderful window cleaner whom I have used for the past 12 years or so. He came to my house in Camden Town and then carried on cleaning my windows when I moved to Kennington 9 years ago. Ron comes to my house when I need him and also cleans my next door neighbours windows at the same time. This works well for us. You can call and book a time and get a quote from his wife Maxine. He is a lovely guy and a great window cleaner."

Jose Sanchez
020 7582 4504
07899 014759
"This lovely spanish gentleman used to work as a window cleaner in this area before moving back to Spain about a year ago to look after his mother after the death of his father. He has recently returned to London and is living in Clapham Road and trying to rebuilld his business. His rates are very reasonable and everyone feels entirely comfortable with him being in their house. He is so nice that you would be quite happy to leave your small children wiwth him - although this is not part of his service! Many satisfied customers around the area.", "very trustworthy and he has worked for other people in the area."

07973 202814
"I've used him for six years. When I lived in St Mary's Gardens. And now when I live in a five storey Georgian house in Trinity Church Square SE1 - very similar to those along the KP Rd and Kennington Road."

07981 676655 or 07981 876655 (?)
"Does a number of houses here in West Square."

07775 752 034
"He cleans many windows in our block and I have always found him good, reliable and friendly. If he cannot take your call straight away, he is pretty good about calling back."

Grove Cleaners
020 7924 0280
"He is reliable and pleasant and not too expensive. You can leave a message and then he will ring back. Treat him nicely ... resident parking cards etc!"

07909 844388
"I have a just found a window cleaner after years of searching and really pleased with the results. He has only been once so far and I don't know much about him but he comes from an acquaintance whose windows he has cleaned for years."

07910 528995
"I give him £40, but he might charge you a bit more, as your windows are bigger."


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