Sunday, 12 October 2008

Tradesfolk: Roof / Roofer / Roofing ROOFING AND GUTTERING

Roof / Roofer / Roofing

S E Building and Joinery
020 8397 8804
07985 327965
“We had some very satisfactory roofing work done recently by Danny Signor.  I have used them twice. One was a new roof over a small extension; the second was a repair of an old large leaking roof.” Fran C

Bartlett Roofing
Jayson Bartlett
Jayson completed work on 23 Methley Street … and I was happy.” Stuart S via Jill J

Ben Byrne & Co
Ben has done most of the work at no.1 and I was happy.” Stuart S via Jill J
“We were impressed with them ...  The man is Benjamin Byrne.” Sally G

Aspect Construction Ltd.
17 Grove Vale
London SE22 8ET
020 8299 8391
fax: 020 8299 8399
“Our people … were nice and did a very good job as you can see if you wander up this way (Kennington Palace Court, Sancroft Street)…. J E Batchelor is the man to contact!” Sylvia G


Mob: 07531243484
"Has worked for me for 13 years. Highly trained & experienced roofer, also does guttering, pointing and all exterior repairs/decoration. Cheap prices. No job too big or too small."

J W Benardout
01622 758127 or 07860 473196
"They solved a long running problem in our building, after years of leaks that no one else could put right. Recommended by Oliver Rebellato, our plumber."

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