Sunday, 12 October 2008



Bernard Schofield, and his partner Rie.
0207 978 8463
"They do my garden together once a month and very excellently, too. They are very fast workers and do a great job. I've lost count, but they've been doing my garden for around 2 years. Bernard lives near Myatt's Fields Park, in Burton Road, SE5."

(formerly of Roots & Shoots)
“Very good, reliable and reasonably priced.”

Gwyn Jones
2 Pendle Road
SW16 6RW
07831 808 976
“Has looked after two small gardens for me for more years than I care to remember!”

07972 335148
"I have just got this guy called Jason to do all of mine. He has just he done the whole of my garden in a day its lovely. He works for Trees for London (although I think this is coming to an end and he is looking for work). He knows a great deal about gardens, and flowers. He has a CV and reference. (although I don’t know if he was qualified - he mentioned an nvq but I was more interested in him having ideas about what could be done with the garden, I met him through a neighbour of mine and seemed reliable and is very hard working and friendly. He even got me some free mulch for the garden!!!! left over from his work."

Jo Green
07813 813329
"She cycles over from Lordship Lane to do gardening in Stockwell and Kennington. Very willing and strong young mum with children in primary school so hours accordingly. £10 per hour. Warmly recommended"

Plews Garden Design
020 8289 8086
"Very reasonable rates, care about the plants (e.g. won't prune if it is too cold). They do our communal patio twice a year."
"I planted a wisteria twenty years ago and it never did flower but then Plews pruned it and this year, for the first time ever, it's in bloom! Gorgeous!"

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