Sunday, 12 October 2008



Oval Express Cleaners
30 Clapham Road, SW9 0JQ
020 7735 6154
"I usually use Ascot Cleaners but they don't do rugs. Last couple of times I've paid £60 to have a much smaller rug cleaned elsewhere so was dreading the cost for this bigger one, so took it into Oval Express and it only cost £45!! Amazing. Very friendly chap and quick service too."

"We have found the recently opened Dry Cleaner on the Bishop's Terrace corner of Wincott Parade very friendly."

Ascot Drycleaners
16 Dryden Court
Renfrew Road
SE11 4NH
020 7735 2228
"Lovely chap, very reasonable rates. Does the household laundry for St James's and Buckingham Palaces!"

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