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" Winsome
A lovely lady who has worked for a close friend for several years, is now looking for additional work as a cleaner/carer to support herself while she attends adult education college. She is studying for an NVQ in healthcare at Morley College in Lambeth.
Winsome is kind, caring, honest and a committed churchgoer. She has impeccable references and has all the right paperwork for work and UK residency. She’s available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and some weekends and is looking for work in central London. She charges £10 per hour/minimum 3 hours work.
She does ironing for us, (shirts galore for 2 sons & hubby !) and I am now helping her find a suitable job as she does not have a computer/internet access.
Please e-mail me in the first instance: "

07592 596017
"I can recommend a lovely cleaner who has been with us for years. Totally dependable and great with the kids. Unfortunately fund don't allow us to keep her. Currently she does 3hr Tues, 3hrs Thurs at £10 an hour. I know she is hoping to fill the same days and hours but its worth talking to her."


07858 892616
"Beth has worked for my family and I for several years and proved to be reliable, industrious and thorough cleaner. She is looking for more work in the Kennington area and I can strongly recommend her. Phone Lynda for a reference: 07714 336 005"


07948 769291 or
c/- 07780 583481
Billie does ironing very well. She also does cleaning, but I haven't tried her for that. She lives near Kennington tube, and my friend knows her family well.'
07832 104092
"The young lady who has been cleaning for me for the past eighteen months, and who was recommended by a neighbour, is both trustworthy and reliable. Because one of her clients is moving out of the area, she is looking for more work."

Irena Paslauskiene
07979 446320
"Recommended by two members of Cornwall Court, £8 per hour."

07956 176 492
"It’s either her or her husband. They’re certainly trustworthy – they’ve been cleaning my flat for 4 years with no problems."

"She has cleaned for me, and looked after my granddaughter for over five years. She is a young woman from Equador, speaks good English, has a lovely disposition, and is totally honest and reliable. She is looking for work five days a week from 8am to 2pm. If you're interested, please contact me, Jill Geser on 020 7735 3558"
"Thanks Jill, Clara is really fabulous!"
"One of Clara's clients has moved from the area, so she now has more time to take on more work. Feel free to contact Clara direct on 07951 474476 or 020 7252 5622. Highly recommended by Cathy"

Aneta Krsteva
07738 985261
"She is a highly experienced and trustworthy person with seven years experience of living in with a family with three children. She is now seeking cleaning/babysitting work and lives locally and comes with recommendations."

07940 7408044
"I have a cleaner who has been helping me for about a year now. She is Portuguese and lives in Clapham and I know that she is keen to find more work. I would be happy to give her a very good reference."

020 7207 2096
"I have had a great cleaner called Pina for 8 years now."

Daniela Daneva
07810 206892
"I highly recommend Daniela Daneva, who has been with us for years and lives locally. She’s hard working, thoroughly trustworthy and discreet."
"Daniela Daneva lives locally and is looking for cleaning/babysitting work. She has worked for my family for over five years, lives locally and comes highly recommended."
"She’s wonderful, reliable and thorough"
"She lives locally and comes highly recommended"

Sula and Miro
07765 620508
"Our cleaners are absolutely fantastic - and come highly recommended - it's like having a housekeeper! They are a Brazilian couple - and sometimes they both come (and do half the hours) and sometimes just Miro comes."

020 7735 5836
"She cleans for me and is reliable, punctual and very good - plus is a great babysitter too."

Daniela (Dani)
07756 978006
"I have a very good cleaner who I believe is looking for more work - we live just off the Walworth Road, so I think she would be more than happy to work in Kennington. The number normally goes through to her husband Ricardo. Dani is Brazillian, and she is slowly getting to grips with English - it is therefore normally best to talk to Ricardo first or text! She's very friendly and is highly trustworthy - we have to give her a set of keys as we are out at work all day."

078 4344 2592
"She has worked for us for a year now, and has proved to be very hard working and responsible."

07958 112 877
"I have a mum who is looking for cleaning work between 10 and 3 now her son is in nursery."

020 7820 7721

020 8674 1822
0784 781 309
"Bella is known to 2-3 people in the area and would be happy to do either ironing or baby sitting and can easily provide references."

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